Adventures! Excursions! Oh my!

Azamara Quest Easter Cruise

Our trip is coming up fast… I can’t wait! In just a few short weeks, we’ll be in Nice, then the West coast of Italy, Malta, and afterwards, Paris! Barry and I have been pouring through excursion options for our Azamara cruise adventure, and we’ve definitely decided on Modeno (a three hour drive from the [...]

RSP Season (self-imposed) Hiatus Over!

Hi gang! I survived yet another season of RSP mahem! As always, it was an adventure. Now that I’m back, there’s so much I’m looking forward to! Such as… Blogging Taking lunches (what a concept, I’ve worked through every lunch break for over two months now) Going to Toronto for work – yep, I know [...]

For the love of magazines… Try Next Issue Canada!

Next Issue Canada - MoneySense

OHMYGOSH, I think I’m nearly fully back in action here! I wanted to yack today about a new service that I’ve been using for the past month, and I have to say, I’m a FAN-GIRL! Even if they hadn’t sponsored this post, I would have written about Next Issue Canada, because I think their service [...]

Hello. Hello? Is this thing on?

Jeez. It seems like the front page will load, but internal pages won’t. I sure hope this issue is corrected soon. This has been a long haul from last Thursday. In other news, don’t email me, if you want a quick response. I’m still not getting email yet, although I’m sure it’s piling up on [...]

Phew. That was close.

Wow. That was a couple of several frustrating days. I hear Mercury is in retrograde. Boy, it sure is in my world. It all started on Thursday afternoon. I noticed some speed issues with my email, but chalked it up to a crappy slog day on the internetwebs. Except, it wasn’t that at all. Some [...]

I miss the Meet n’ Greets – Do you?

Good Monday evening, all! Hope your Monday was great, and not too arduous. I have to say, most of my workdays are feeling like Mondays at the moment due to RSP Season (I hate that term, because really, is there an ‘RSP Season’? No, not really… You should be regularly contributing to your retirement savings, [...]

Because Your Blog Needs Love, Too!

Why, hello again! I’m back for a second time today. How unusual! I just couldn’t wait to tell you that I spent a few minutes, and searched out a GREAT RSS Blogroll Widget! This widget is awesome! Woohoo! You know what would make it more awesome? YOU and your blog feed… So, tell me – [...]

Seeking Stand-Mixer Recipes!

As most of my Facebook friends know (because I went on and on about it… LOL), I got a lovely KitchenAid Pro 600 Stand Mixer for Christmas… After initially buying the Cuisinart, and not loving that model. I also purchased the additional pasta maker attachments (extruders and cutters), as well as the vegetable grater/slicer attachment. [...]

Stop the insanity. This is ridiculous!

What the hell is wrong with me? Ya, that’s right, I’m really angry with myself. I know what I should be doing to lose weight. I know what works for me. But, will I do it? No. I have every excuse in the book. My knee hurts. My back hurts. I don’t have a rowing [...]