You know you are moving ahead when…

You ask your ex to pick a good “profile” picture for your new online dating adventure. He was happy to help out — and gave some good advice about what guys like in profile pics. I wouldn’t have picked the one he did, but hey, he’s gonna know my “target market” better than I am!

I put up a couple of profiles today. and Lavalife seem to have the most users, but I was a little startled by the lack of “matches” with my tastes that I put in. Get this… out of the thousands of guys, when I did a slightly picky search on my exact tastes, I got two “matches” on and three on Lavalife. Holy. Perhaps I’d better re-think what is really important to me or I won’t be dating anyone from those systems. I guess at my age, I’m pretty sure I know what I want, and what I’m willing to look past. Okay, let’s face it… I’m not willing to compromise on many things really. I think a life-partner should have the majority of qualities that are important to you.

And, what’s with the amount of men who have kids?? Is there no one out there who isn’t interested in having a family beyond their significant other? It is one of the negotiating points for me, but I likely don’t want kids… I thought that was a sought-after trait according to many single men I’ve spoken with in the past, but looking at the available online profiles, that’s not the case. Sigh. I’m sure I’ll know when “Mr. Perfect” comes along.

I’m off to dinner at my brother’s place tonight. I haven’t seen my Dad and his wife since before my surgery, so it’ll be interesting to see if they even notice the changes in my face. I was, for the first time, pretty pleased with my face today. The swelling is *almost* gone, and the scar, which was noticable before — at least to me — really is almost unnoticable with makeup now. Yay!

I guess I’d better fly. I still have to pick up a bottle of wine before heading out to New West. Happy Easter everyone! Chocolate should be eaten in mass quantities!


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    communication with ex’s is very cool to have, it’s made life better for me for sure :)

    I think ex’s can make excellent friends and when you’re in the dumps in life, they can really help you out.

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    Hi Harp!

    I agree! He’s been extremely helpful through all of this… and I hope that I can make it as easy for him to get over this pain as he’s made it for me.

    It’s nice to have him around on the down days, because we can commiserate — we’re both going through the same thing.


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    hiya Tanya!

    it’s good to have the friend-thing but also be sensitive to the others’ issues as well, it takes time to recover. me and my ex are friends, and if we weren’t i might be losing my mind at the thought that she’s pregnant right now! :)

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    Zoiks! Wow… yes, that’s hard to deal with! Thankfully, after the initial heartbreak of the breakup, I realized quickly that he was right, and that we were meant to be good friends, and not anything more.

    We’re actually doing very well, and I am glad for that. This situation could have ended very differently!

    Thanks for visiting Harp ;)

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    thanks for having me, Tanya. Hang in there, and zap me if you need any singles help, i’m an expert at this point! ;)

    and the chicken suit will be explained soon enough!
    …hmmm, maybe the chicken suit thing explains the single thing…us chickens are unloved :(

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    Awww… poor Harp! I am not sure that “pathetic” would look too good on ya! LOL.

    Yes, I was left scratching my head with the chicken suit issue. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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    My ex gf is coming to visit next month for the 2nd time since I have been here…yes its good to remain friends with ex’s! ;) I am taking her to Amsterdam for her birthday…should be fun! =)