What happens in Vegas…

Hi kids!

Hope everyone is doing great! It’s been super-duper crappy weather for the last couple days here in Calgary, but THAT’S OKAY! Barry and I are heading off to the land of sin and sun for a few days, and so this rain is perfect timing for us!

Besides, “Browngary” needs a little wet weather to green up our surroundings – After last weekend’s heat wave (and BEAUTIFUL, top-down weather for the trip back from Canmore after a weekend with the fun-loving gals!) it’s just a warm up for what’s ahead of us for weather in Las Vegas!

We’re planning on several poker tournaments, where I hope to win a couple again… (although I’d love to see Barry win, as he’s most certainly a better player than I!) And because our anniversary is during our trip, it will be marked by a helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon, where we land and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and a champagne picnic, before flying over the strip at sunset and topped off with a limo ride back to our hotel. Bliss! I’ve done the experience (most of it, anyhow, many years ago now… I’ll have to dig up a link if I wrote about it) but Barry has never experienced that, so I can’t wait to share it with him on our second anniversary.

Barry is forcing me to go shopping (yep, you read that right… I still hate shopping, and I don’t enjoy buying clothes when I’ve got 10 lbs to take back off!) but, alas, we are instituting a His-Day-Goes, Hers-Day-Goes, so, that’s one of the things he wants to do, and I’m not allowed to pout about it. I’ll keep you updated on how that side-trip goes :)

And, finally, I think we’ll see at least one show while we’re there, but seeing how it’s going to be a my-day-goes day that happens on, I’m going to wing it, and see what deals are on at Tickets4Tonight on the day of.

Oh, and speaking of Tickets4Tonight, we found an amazing steak deal the last few times we have been down, so we’ll be going back to Harrah’s for a nice dinner out at The Range (the two-for-one deal is purchased through one of the ticket wickets on the strip… great deal!).

YOUR TURN! What’s your favourite thing to do in Vegas?


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    Thanks for the tip on Love, Buzz… (and the conservatory… We are checking it out today). I’m not sure who we are flying with but I’ll blog it later!)

    We are having a fab time so far ;)

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    I’ve never been to Vegas, either, but I’m guessing I’ll have to change that, as well! I suspect I’d go so crazy with a camera there that they’d have to yank me out by my neck strap afterward :)
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