Apple, Fido, Telus and stopping the insanity.

Paying the Fido tax...

I’ve gone and done it. I’ve successfully factory-unlocked an iPhone 4S that I paid full price for January 1st. The backstory is that I really, really wanted the iPhone 4S (I had an iPhone 4 that I had upgraded to in July of 2010). But, alas, I got bad information, and sold my 4 thinking I could get a 4S around New Year’s Eve with no hassle. Hell, it had been months since the new model was out. But, I was wrong, and so, I was completely phoneless for two weeks.

I finally got fed up trying to secure one each evening at 9pm (who thought up this stupid freakin’ idea, anyhow? You have to pre-order an iPhone on Apple’s website for pick-up the next day, instead of just walking in the store and getting what they have in stock? Dumb!!) and so, I bought a brand new Fido-locked iPhone 4S from a guy off of Kijiji.

I did my homework, and confirmed the serial number and IMEI was not stolen, and brand new… and it was fine. And, the phone is awesome. Except, I was still paying over $110 a month for my Fido contract that I now have 9 months left on.

Screw that. I’m tired of being over-charged by Fido (err, Rogers?). I tried calling into Fido and letting them know that they had a very dissatisfied client on their hands, and that I was thinking of paying out my contract ($180) and moving to Telus. After speaking with 3 different pleasant, but completely useless retention agents on 3 occasions, I threw up my hands and sought out any BMO employee deals through other wireless companies.

Get this… I just ordered an iPhone 5 from Telus on a three year contract, paying… $40.50 for triple the airtime (600 minutes total daytime), all voicemail and text, call waiting, etc… AND long distance Canada-wide (to any number, as long as it’s within my plan minutes). Oh, and did I mention, I have scaling data to unlimited? For those months I’m not using much (right… like that’ll happen) I have 500 mb included, but it scales upto unlimited in increments for a maximum fee of $30! For LTE! The LTE coverage alone in Calgary is FAR better than that of Fido/Rogers, too!

I’m happy.

In just a few months, the switch fee will pay for itself. And, of course, I already have a buyer for my iPhone 4S that I paid to have carrier unlocked today.

Good riddance, Fido.

YOUR TURN: Have you had it with your wireless carrier? How much are you paying a month?


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    Good stuff, Tanya! You will definitely notice the improved coverage right away – and especially when you’re doing road trips around Alberta! I just switched to an Galaxy S3 a few weeks ago and thought the LTE might slow down after the influx of all the new iphones but it’s held up well and the speeds are ridiculous.

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    Heya @JeffMik! How are you liking your Galaxy S3?

    I *momentarily* considered ditching my iPhone apps, because I like the screen of the android, but, alas, I just can’t. I’m too engrained in the iOS environment, despite being a PC-freak otherwise.

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    I’m impressed that you managed to step right up to the 5.

    I had a similar story when I was changing tariff about a year ago. It was easiest for me to order the new tariff with the latest iPhone (which I then had to pay £50 for) and the company also sent me a spare sim to convert the old one to pay as you go.
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