#ToyotaLove – Right vehicle for your family’s needs?

Last week, I was invited to a Toyota blogger event at Canada Olympic Park (COP) – it was a #ToyotaLove themed morning, based on things you should consider when choosing a vehicle.

Having recently bought a new vehicle myself (and a larger crossover to boot) I was impressed with the thought the organizers put into the presentation. The primary focus based on the family theme, of course, was on the larger vehicles in Toyota’s line-up, from mini-vans (which make all sorts of sense for families) to 8-seater SUVs.

The most important consideration, I thought while hearing the presentation, was consider what you are using a vehicle for, and shop with the accessories (like car seats, and other accessories) WITH you. This made all sorts of sense – and something I wouldn’t have thought of.

During the test-drives, surprisingly, it was Toyota’s largest vehicle shown – the Sequoia – that got my attention. It’s an 8 passenger SUV featuring a 3rd row of seating for those requiring extra towing capacity and more seating than their other models. I really liked the comfort of this SUV, and I really appreciated some of the cooler features like the side-view mirrors which automatically adjust when you put the vehicle into reverse. Granted, for a two-person family such as mine, there’s absolutely no need for the immense amount of space the Sequoia offered, but if I ever needed the 7,400 lb towing ability (double my CUV’s), I would definitely consider this vehicle.

Thanks for the fun morning @ToyotaCanada! I had a great time…

YOUR TURN: Are you shopping for a vehicle? What are you considering?