Mid-Week Top THREE!

Hi all… I’m back from blogging hiatus, now!

It’s been a busy holiday season for me. Clearly, I had a lot on my plate earlier in December with my exams, and then of course came all the holiday fun after Dec 10.

Let’s just say, if you ever hear the word “bored” out of my mouth, you know I’ve been invaded by aliens, because I always seem to have a bazillion things to do, and not enough time to do them. I really don’t know how people with kids manage? It’s just me (and of course, Barry) and that’s plenty!

So, today, I bring you… The top 3 things I’m looking forward to in the next few months:

1) I’m desperately (yes, desperately) looking forward to passing grades for my PFP 2 and CFP 1 exams (they were supposed to have been available by now, but yet, I’m still waiting for the good news.

2) Vegas Baby! I’m looking forward to staying at the Golden Nugget (which has been recently renovated) for the first time right after RSP season at work. Man, is that going to be fun! There’s a group going, so if you want an invite, let me know via comments and I’ll email you deets!

3) I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to getting into my new role at work… it’s still several months off, but, I’m chomping at the bit. Here’s hoping I’m surprised, and something comes up earlier than anticipated.

That’s all for now! I hope you had an AMAZING holiday season!

YOUR TURN: Don’t be shy… Why not share YOUR TOP 3 things you are looking forward to below?


  1. 1


    1. I hope to get some relocation buyers.
    2. Would like to hire a assistant to help with getting new business.
    3. Maybe expand out to Florida and pass the exam there to get my license.

  2. 2


    Hey Peter! Thanks for stopping by! Those are all awesome… I wish you luck!

    And, hey guys, I have gotten back my FPE1 mark (the first of two exams for the CFP) – I PASSED! YAHOO! Now, I await my final PFP mark. It’s TAKING FOREVER!