Yikes – When did that happen?

It’s time for me to be brutal about my weight gain. Until yesterday, I kind of shrugged it off… Hey, it’s only 25-30 lbs I need to lose to get to goal. But, the issue is, those are the same pounds I already went to an incredible effort to lose in 2011. I’m not where I was in March/April 2011, but I’m close.

And, for a moment, I was ashamed of myself.

But, hey, it is what it is, and I can’t change the past, but I can feel like a success moving forward!

I’m doing the hCG diet protocol again. Yes, I know, some of you think it’s a bad way to lose weight, but it works for me. And, worked for quite a while, too. I stabilized well until I got lazy and stressed from my crazy study schedule. So, I ask that you support my choice, or at least, keep your critism to yourself. I know what works for me, and hCG does.

My main motivation right now is my before-photos for this round that I took yesterday. Good grief, how did I not see this until I took the photos? [shrug] Crap happens! Stress happens! It’s what I do to learn from it that matters! I’m LEARNING! Hey, none of us are perfect!

That’s the AWESOME thing about this eating protocol – if you mess up after losing the weight, it’s fixable, and fixable quickly, relatively speaking. I just need to be absolutely strong, and not cheat (so far, so good!) No shame needed! Next time, the scale will be a regular part of my life forever.

My mantra… Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.

I’m feeling really motivated and strong this round! So far, I’ve lost 6 pounds since I started the low calorie diet part of the diet 2 days ago. I’m celebrating my success with a cup of tea :)

YOUR TURN: Do you have a weightloss goal you are working towards?