HCG Weightloss – Lessons and Overview

Good afternoon all! I hope this finds you having a terrific day! I thought I’d pop by and give a mid-week update on how my “take two – Round Two” hCG weightloss journey has gone so far, and provide some tips for those that may want to embark on the journey. I’ve been asked by several people for details, so here’s a few. (I’ll add another post later when I have more time)

First up – You need to know what you are getting into! You can be tremendously successful with weightloss if a) you are using hCG and not some placebo (I’ve had success with both homeopathic pellets [used correctly!] and with prescription hCG, and b) you understand the protocol. (Click the link to get more info on the basics) If you think you can wing this, or cheat from time to time… You’d be wrong. hCG isn’t a magic pill. It requires a very strict diet protocol in order for you to have success.

How does hCG actually work? In a nutshell… It mobilizes abnormal fat (some call it grey fat) stored in your body for energy you would otherwise be burning with consumption of food. The homeopathic version of hCG mimics the actual hormone that is excreted during pregnancy, which is what gets the whole ball rolling. And, surprisingly (VERY!) you aren’t hungry during the very low calorie diet, as long as you follow exactly what you are supposed to be doing on the plan. The awesome part of this program, is that hCG preserves your muscle mass… It’s only burning the fat you need to lose.

Some of the lessons I learned during my first round, where I was very successful after a few bumps in the road:

Get the dose right! Just because you are hungry, doesn’t mean the dose is too low, it could be quite the opposite.

Never use artificial sweetner on this program… Like, not even a little bit! Apparently, a high number of people actually react to sweetners such as aspertame etc. Use only Stevia (plant-based) in it’s pure form. (Not Truvia!! It contains sugar!)

Use cream VERY sparingly… if at all. I’ve switched to mostly tea during this second round, as I might actually be reacting to milk (sob! I <3 milk!)

Don’t cheat. No brainer. You will stall. And, when you stall, you lose motivation fast. It can take a week or longer to correct from a stall based on a single cheat. My mantra? You can do ANYTHING for a month!

Have a great support network! If you don’t have it with close friends and family to keep you accountable, go to my favourite forum – There are people that are starting the same time as you, and many have experience with this.

Drink Apple Cider Vinegar. It’s a great way to curb cravings (remember, when you think you are hungry and your dose is correct, it’s cravings, or thirst). I use 2 tablespoons in 12 oz of water with liquid stevia and a squirt of lemon juice. Works like a charm!

Don’t mix veggies – If you stick to a clean protocol, you will lose your maximum potential… Deviations might work, but who knows what you could have lost had you stuck to the plan?

Drink TONS of water! Take your weight in pounds, half it, and drink that in water. It works! You will feel great, and your body will eliminate the abnormal fat properly.

I hope these help! Feel free to drop me a comment if you have any questions about my weighloss journey, or hCG. I’m obviously not a professional, but I’ve got lots of experience!

REMEMBER: Nothing tastes as good as being at a healthy weight feels! :)


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    Jan says

    Hi Tanya! Great tips! I just started on hhCG myself (drops) and I’m doing really well! I didn’t know about the forum, so I will go and look.

    Thanks for the posts. It’s nice to know I’m not completely on my own doing this. Keep them up!

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    Britt says

    If you ever want to try something more sustainable, I recommend checking marksdailyapple.com

    A real and whole food approach based on sound scientific evidence. Emphasizes clean meats, plenty of vegetables, some fruits, and healthy fats (which may suprise you). Not a diet though; a permanent change and I guarantee you’ll feel better. I sure do. :)

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    Hi Jan, good to see you! Thanks, I’m glad you are enjoying my blog entries on this.

    Hi Britt – welcome! I’ll definitely check out that site. Sounds right up my alley. I’m looking for clean eating tips once I kick-start this lifestyle change with some quick weightloss. Cheers!
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    I’m really curious about how you found this method and why you chose it vs anything else. I am skeptical but then I am a tried and true “eat less, eat better, move more” girl. I’ve done it and kept it off for years. I know exactly why I am not smaller now, precisely why. That said, I am concerned that a lot of the weight loss you’re experiencing is water weight (which the story of the dill pickle may illustrate) which means that once you come off the HcG supplements, you run the risk of putting back on. I am definitely not trying or interested in being combative in the least – instead I’m really interested in the conversation.

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    Hi C – I did a ton of research a few years ago, and embarked upon the program, and lost nearly 40 pounds. I also kept it off for a year and a half. But, then life got the better of me, and I let my lifestyle change slip. I ate too much bad foods (chocolate), drank more wine than I should have (my body reacts very quickly to retain water with wine consumption), and generally put my focus on my studies, work, networking, and not health.

    But, I now need to focus back on health, so these 20 to 25 lbs I need to lose will come off quickly, and then I am back to maintaining as I did for so long before. This time, nothing is going to pull me back to this weight. Better choices. More focus. That’s it!

    ps: conversation is always welcome here ;)

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    Oh, forgot to mention, for everyone, the first several pounds are strictly water… then, it releases either fat, or muscle, or both. Why I like hCG so much is that it protects muscle tissue (scientifically proven, and known since the 1960s) while releasing abnormal fat stores as energy. It may be a low calorie diet for a few weeks, but trust me, many of us have enough “reserve” to spare, and feed us during that time. The important part is to protect the muscle tissue.