Finally seeing a difference

Good morning everyone! Thanks for popping by this fine Wednesday!

I’ve had an absolutely on-protocol week and a half, other than a mistake that I made (which wasn’t necessarily off-protocol, but dumb, and caused a one day stall just the same)… On Family Day, going into my second week of low calorie diet, I was running out of veggies to eat, so rather than run to the store (I was committed to doing absolutely nothing that day) I decided to eat two and a half low-sodium dill pickles with lunch.

I didn’t look at the jar… (dumb!) as it said low-sodium, so I thought, hey vinegar is great for you on a diet, and cukes are on protocol, so these will be a good substitute? Ya… no.

The next morning, I woke up to zero change on the scale. Given the last several days of at least a pound a day, I cringed, and headed down to the fridge to see what the issue could have been. Those low-salt dill pickles had almost 300 mg PER pickle! Wowzers – that’s probably as much sodium in one pickle as I eat the whole day on this diet. And, that’s LOW sodium!

I looked online, and a regular dill pickle is nearly 1000 mg of salt! (half a teaspoon!) That’s crazy. Guess who’s not buying dill pickles ever again?

After a little more research, I found out that it takes a normal body a full litre of water to deal with a teaspoon (2000 mg) of salt intake. One litre of water weighs 2.2 lbs! No wonder when we eat a high sodium diet we retain water, and a ton of weight. (I personally hate the taste of salt, so this has never been a problem for me)

Good to know.

But, despite that little silly hiccup, I have lost 12 pounds as of today! Woohoo! I only have about two weeks left on this round, so it should fly by. I’d love to see 8-10 pounds during that time, but it’ll likely be more like 7. That’s okay! I feel awesome (I always feel better when I don’t eat bread and gluten) and my clothes are starting to feel really loose already.

Bring it on… I’m ready for these last two weeks! I got this! I’ve decided I’ll start my last and final round of hCG on June 8 (the day of my final CFP 2 exam and a day before my birthday) to get off those remaining 15 pounds to my goal.

YOUR TURN: How’s your week going?