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Hey kids! Thanks for popping by!

Things are chugging along here in This Chick’s Life – I’m in the middle of exam prep again… Good times. I was about a week late with my Capstone Course draft plan, so I’m freaking out a little. I had no idea it would be so extensive in what I had to prepare. Boo!

Here’s hoping that CSI (the education provider that offers this course) can get me back the draft financial plan in very short order (they say it can take up to a month to mark each of two plan drafts - one draft, one final - so if they take that long, I’m screwed.) It was a mix-up on my part, as I thought I had until June to get my mark in from the Capstone course for the final exam of the CFP program. No… I actually have to have my final mark by May 8.

Ya, good times.

In other news, my 16 pound weightloss has stuck, which is great. I ended my phase two of hCG a few days early (20 days on low calorie intead of 23 at a minimum) as we were going away a few weekends ago, and then heading out of dodge soon for Vancouver and Vegas as well… phase three is doable while traveling, phase two definitely ISN”T. That said, I managed to slowly add in phase 3 foods (no carbs at all, no sugar) and I’ve been consistent in weight stabilization. Awesome!

I’ve decided I’m heading back on hCG when I get back from Vegas, as I’ll have zero social life for the next few months while I prepare for my final exams (let’s hope I can take my final CFP!!) so, that works out well for me to lose the last 15 pounds or so that I would like to take off. It’s really hard being out and not being able to eat or drink anything with friends.

Work is keeping busy – I’m so glad that RSP season is over, because I’m tired. Just in time for vacation season… YAY! More on my vacation plans coming up in the next blog post.

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