DD-WRT Bridging for Dummies

With all my studying of late, I’ve been increasingly annoyed with the wireless coverage in our house. The Telus wireless Actiontec hardware must reside in the basement, because that device is what is required to address our home network with their ethernet connection. And of course, they’ve flashed their hardware with a proprietary version of the interface so that practically none of the useful settings are available to me to change.

I really wish I could just dispense with the darn thing, but I can’t.

I have a couple of old wireless G/N routers in the house that are capable of flashing DD-WRT (if you don’t know what that is… Google is your friend) which provides me with a rather easy way to use these devices as a bridge to my original Telus router, which I have very little control over. (I really must look into hacking that once I have more time next month).

Problem solved! Each of the floors in our home now has a router bridged to the Telus P.O.S. downstairs. No more constant battle with the neighbour’s channel skipping interfering with my weak signal from the basement.

Want to know how to do it? Brian over at “Litter Box for Geeks” has done a great job of boiling it down to a few simple setting changes. It’s an older post, but the settings are pretty much the same with the latest versions of DD-WRT.  Head over there and check it out!

As for me? It’s back to Splashtop on my iPad with a perfectly strong network signal in my living room… :) I’ve got studying to do, and Gobeil is calling.

YOUR TURN: Have you had issues with networking in your home? How have you dealt with it?


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    Hello Tanya,
    I am a beginner in all of this. Limited ability.
    Do you have any updated info about getting a VPN into thw Actiontec V100h Telus box?

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