Prep for CFP / PFP final exams (AFP2 / FPE2)

Wow, it sounds like crickets around these here parts. Once again, I’m deep into review for my upcoming exams. The countdown is on, now!

I finished the Capstone with tonnes of time to spare, and a great mark to boot. I can actually see the value in that exercise now, although I didn’t originally. For those of you playing along at home, the course basically allows you to pick one of three case studies, and produce between 20 and 30 pages of a hand-written financial plan from the details you are provided. Of course, it’s not how we do our jobs in reality (we have planning software for the majority of the heavy lifting) but, I still got a lot from submitting the draft and final for marks and feedback.

My main issue with all of the courses I’ve taken, and the Certificate in Financial Advice I’ve earned, is that there isn’t much in the way of practical implementation of the details provided in the materials. Yes, I do this every day at work, but in order to pass my FPE2 and AFP2 written exams based on actual free-form advice being given (with benefits and options), it’s important to know what the markers are looking for. Let’s face it, beyond the black and white law, pension, taxation and estate rules, there’s plenty of room for grey.

Thankfully, I’ve purchased a number of prep materials that get into those finer points based on analysis, and advice, and help me practice writing what they would actually be looking for on these upcoming tests.

May 27 and June 8th are the two dates I’m working towards… the PFP final exam comes first, followed by the CFP final exam the day before my birthday. Here’s hoping this chapter can be closed for good after that!

Have questions about my experience with the first writing of the AFP2, or how I’ve changed my study routine to better prepare for the next (and final!!) writing of this exam or my CFP/FPE2 prep? Drop a comment here so others can participate, too! I’ve gotten a ton of emails from people preparing for both, and it would be great to have the dialogue in a more open format for all! Oh, and if you have already passed either of these… Please share anything you can on your experience!


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    One thing I forgot to mention… Gobeil’s AFP prep / 1000 Questions, and the Foran FPE2 practice tests are well worth the money I spent on them. Also? As always, is a great way to prepare, too. The “coles notes” versions of the course details for FP2 and WME were the most useful.

    Finally, don’t forget to try the practice exam found here: for the AFP2. I forgot to attempt that the first time around.

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    Joe says

    I emailed you a while back. Thanks for the details on what you are using to study. I have taken your advice and purchased the seewhylearning guides and flashcards.

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    Michele says

    I am taking FP2 via CSI June 28, I want to do my CFP FPE1 via Foran as I think that CSI stuff sucks. How did you find the exam? Read your blog but didn’t know if you had passed or not….

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    Hey Michele! Thanks for popping by! I passed the FPE1 with above average marks (they mark on a sliding scale of sorts, with 500 being the average passing score). Different questions are marked with higher and lower scores. It’s all rather vague, but, I got 580 on my score, so the materials I used seemed to do the trick.

    You are right… the CSI stuff is pretty much crap, and redundant from FP1 to FP2. I did the WME and PFSA as well (needed the WME for 30 month IIROC in case I want to go back in that direction, and I wanted to keep my CSC from falling off the CE radar).

    I used primarily Gobeil 1000 questions (far more detailed than you need for FPE1, but still a great resource to see what you really know) and Foran study prep (I have four binders full of stuff as well as two more binders of practice exams). If I’m successful in a few weeks, I’d be happy to sell them all cheap to you (I see we work for the same FI) – I’ll email you directly.

    The exam definitely does require time management… the FP1 and FP2 I completed in 2/3 of the time needed each time, whereas the FPE1 (and PFP exams) I ran out of time. Don’t spend time for one mark… come back to it if you need to.

    I also have access to a really great PDF full of links for info you should have a decent understanding of: is GREAT for study prep… I’d definitely get my hands on the WME and FP2 guides/exams/flash cards there for your FPE 1 & 2 prep!

    Hope this helps! Good luck!

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    Thanks, Tanya for all the info. I’m taking another stab at AFP2 on Jun 24. let’s say this will not be my first attempt.

    I can see that you are writing your AFP2 today– Break a leg :)

    Now that you wrote it, If you have to choose one out of the many providers of AFP2 exam prep tools, who would you recommend that fits closely with CSI exam module? keeping in mind that the sample exams offered by CSI do not remotly relate -in length- to the real exam.

    I would much appreciate your feedback.


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    Hi Bassem! Thanks for popping by – I’ll pop in tomorrow with feedback for this hopefully successful attempt. Hopes are high this time. I’ve been focussing on case studies this go around instead of just black and white rules and implementation. I found a PDF online full of case studies from Advocis – I think that will help. I also purchased the AFP prep from Gobeil (some of the 1000 questions are in it but more importantly, case study questions.

    I shall pop back tomorrow! :)

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    I really like your blog. I am writing the capstone course and having a hard time wrapping my head around what is required. I was wondering if I could see a sample of what you put together or some tips. I appreciate any help you could offer.

  8. 11

    Albert says

    hi, Tanya

    Did you pass the exam? I will go for the PFP exam, do you have some good prep material to sell?


  9. 13

    Harpreet says

    I was using Prof. Gordon’s material and found it to be on mark. He is very knowledgeable and willing to help you by answering your questions by email.

    If you want more details look at:


  10. 14

    Shawn says

    Hi Tanya,

    Great blog! You are a fantastic person! You motivated me to take my AFP Exam 2 for a second chance when I was failed in June.:)I have booked the exam for Dec. Would you be willing to send me any usful non-CSI material just for AFP2?

    Much appreciated!


  11. 16


    Hi Shawn – sorry for the delayed reply, it’s been a crazy few weeks. I don’t have any non-CSI materials for the AFP stuff, but the flash cards and study guide for FP2 at SeeWhyLearning are awesome! You just really need to know the CSI materials and answer what they are asking (don’t put more replies than they request and don’t give solutions when they are looking for considerations). Time management on that exam is everything!!

    I hope that helps! Do let me know how it goes!!

  12. 17

    neil says

    Hello Tanya,

    I am so appreciated that you have created how to prepare AFP 2 exam in your Blog. I believe you have past your exam.

    Do you mind to tell me more details about how you prepare the AFP 2 exam please? I heard that the AFP 2 exam is very hard and case scenario from CSI provided such a junk, is it right? I read on your Blog about “” and “Gobeil’s AFP prep”, which one do you suggests to purchase for AFP 2 exam from CSI as your experience?

    Is there lots taxation questions in the exam?

    Thank you very much again for the information you had posted on your Blog.

  13. 18


    Hi Neil, thanks for stopping by! Yes, I passed the AFP2 and have completed my PFP designation in the summer. I’m so pleased that’s all over! The best way to prepare for the AFP2 exam is to use the SeeWhyLearning cue cards for WME and FP2. Their study guides are awesome also. I don’t like Gobeil’s stuff for the PFP exams as it’s too in depth with nitty gritty stuff instead of learning the core info, which is what you need a good grasp on. The CFP prep through business career college also helped well prepare me for the AFP2 exam, as well as the CFP final exam.

    Hope that helps! :)

  14. 19

    neil says

    Hi Tanya,
    I found two case scenarios, one is from your blog, and other is from CSI AFP. Thank you for your advice, and I will purchase “FP2® Practice Exams & Flash Cards. I Just want make sure the two case scenarios and flash cards would be enough study material for me to do well the exam and if there are any other case scenarios that would strongly benefit to me pass the exam?

    Thank you very much!

  15. 20


    Hi Neil, the bottom line is that you really need to have a good understanding of all the FPE2 materials and have good time management skills. Remember to not over-answer the questions – if there’s a spot for four answers, they won’t look at 5 or 6. Also, remember to answer what they are asking, and not just solutions to the problem.

  16. 21

    Greg says

    Hi Tanya. I’m registered to write the FPE2 in June. I’ve purchased the Foran FPE2 practice exam and also downloaded the case studies from the FPSC website. I’m wondering if I should also purchase Gobeils FPE2 study aid and/or their 1000 questions? I personally don’t think I have enough study material to fully prepare myself for the FPE2 exam. Have you used Gobeil’s FPE2 Study aid and/or 1000 questions to prepare for the FPE2 exam? Appreciate your response. Thanks.

  17. 22


    Hi Greg – sorry but it’s a timed protection application for Gobeil – they can’t be resold and mine is long since expired. Best to purchase from the Gobeil site. (Although I didn’t find the 1000 Questions terribly helpful – it’s too detailed and picky) Best of luck.

  18. 23

    Walter says

    Hi Tanya. Writing APF 2 on April 14th. First attempt. Printing a sample exam from this site, plus I have the CSI prep exam which i have gone through. Any tips, helpful tools to get me through this. I found FP 2 exam was a lot easier than AFP 1. What are the best study materials and what is worth paying extra for help specific to AFP 2. Cheers………………..Walter

  19. 24


    Hi Tanya,
    I am wondering as I stumbled on your blog today, as to why I did not come across your blogs before. It is very nice of you to take time to blog about these exams which do not have enough info out there unless you pay. I have used different support materials in my FP1 and FP2 and yes the seewhylearning material did help understand concepts in FP2. I am appearing for FPE1 and then will be writing my AFP1 this summer. Should Gobeil’s 1000 questions be sufficient since I have FP1 and FP2 pretty fresh and I scored around to 90% in them (hopefully indicates good understanding). I would really like some advice on what can I do to prepare for AFP1 as there is almost no information on that topic. Would Gobeil’s FPE1 prep help me in AFP1. What are your thoughts….Also I would keep providing feedback to you on whatever I learn from my courses – to strengthen your blog. You are doing some great work here.

  20. 26

    Walter says

    Hi everyone. Wrote AFP 2 on April 29th and have to wait 30 days for result. Very tough exam indeed and time management is definately an issue. The case study takes a good 15 to 20 minutes to review every detail and then you need to continue to go back and check for specific details. Not sure how I did, already preparing to rewrite in case I did not pass. I purchased the Gobiels 1000 questions learning aid for AFP 1 and 2, and yes Tanya was right, its very detailed and probably not the best for this exam. Should have purchased the flash cards from SeeWhylearning which I likely will still do if I need to rewrite. My tip for this exam is to not start at Question 1 and keep going thru by number order. Review each question, what the marks are for each, and then start with the ones that are worth the most and get those done! Good luck…………..Walter

  21. 27

    Alfred says

    Hi Tanya

    Thank you very much for all of these free advises, and sorry to wake this post up.

    I should be writing the second exam of CFP by June 6 and I was interested in the PDF that you found online which is full of case studies from Advocis. Can you tell me where did you find that? did you buy it or was it for free??


  22. 28

    Jen says

    Is the 1,000 question test bank for Gobeil indicative of what we will see on the first cfp exam? Or are the Gobeil questions more difficult?



  23. 29

    Melissa mills says


    Question regarding the capstone course, were you able to use software (if you have access to it)?? Or it had to be hadwritten? Also, how long would you say it took?


  24. 30

    rachel says

    Hi, I have to do the capstone course in lieu of another course i was wondering if you have the answers to the online assessment questions. I am really struggling with the assessment questions as i am not working towards my CFP designation and your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  25. 31

    Kathy says

    I had the AFP 2 test ,just fresh , I think the case need to fully understand,if i did not pass any material I can buy ? I also find the Oliver learning online, any one has any suggestion?

  26. 32

    Irene says

    Hi , Firstly thank you for all your valuable feedback.
    I am struggling with my capstone course.
    Did you use a softfare to do your plan. If so, which and for what aspects.
    I would appreciate any help in this area.
    Thanks, Irene

  27. 33

    TL says

    Just wrote my AFP2 last night, it was tuff. Not so much on the material tested but on the time required to write the exam. The struggle became a reality when time ran out. My advice is keep it simple and to the point. Don’t over analyze the questions and avoid making any assumptions… the information they are looking for is stated in the question, so please avoid the temptation of adding to your answer. If you are stumped, move on. Sometimes questions later asked, will hint to the question you are stumped on…that happened to me.
    Most of all…Don’t give in to discourgement. If you are feeling defeated keep trying, and if you did your very best there is nothing more you can add to it. Now to wait patiently for the results? This will be challenge.

  28. 34

    Kathy says

    To, TL. I failed, I check the result you are right, the time management is very important, any thoughts we can share, I failed at sep 8th test, got the result today as 55 score. Any suggestion for purchase any material ? Thanks

  29. 35

    TL says

    Hi Kathy, I’m so sorry to hear you failed. It’s discouraging to see those marks after studying so hard, but there is the flip side of the coin, we need to look at… You didn’t waste a thing, you took something good from that test, that will prepare you the next time. As far as study material goes, I purchased the AFP Prep by Gobeil, they offer many case studies to work from and building on the concepts from the multiple choice exam. It still didn’t help me prepare for the time management, and that was what worked against me. I guess you just don’t know whats coming until you’ve done it for yourself. But to encourage you, you were only 5 percent away from a pass. That’s pretty good Kathy! And I don’t care what anyone says. If you did your best you should be proud of yourself. Take and build on what you know now. Study in a way that uses your weaknesses to become your knowledge base. If its time management like mine? Study the case studies and time your written answers…do it over and over again until you’ve mastered your timing. Repetition has proved to be a great school teacher. If its the concepts and the application there of, study the “how’s” and “why’s” of the answers. Apply the studies tested, to creat scenarios to your own situations, so it becomes more real to you. You’ll do great next time, keep your head in the game and you’ll see, the next write it’s yours girl!

  30. 36

    kathy says

    TL, thank you so much, as a mother of 2 kids, it is not easy, and my time management at first atempt was not good–spend reading and first question already 1 hour ..I purchase gobeil this time , and i will keep your encouragement in my mind , and i will pass this time at october, thanks

  31. 38

    Andy says

    This is a great blog! Thanks Tanya. I know this thread is about AFP2 and FPE2. However, I am appearing for my FPE1 in November 2014. I am looking for some pointers towards approaching the FPE1 exam. I have passed the FP1 and 2 with good marks. I am using Gobeil 1000 questions. However, I find some questions too detailed and unlikely to appear on the exam (The gobeils themselves agree to that)
    So I am confused as to how detailed or basic should I study. The competency profile offers limited insight.
    Could you experienced guys and gals please guide me as to what approach should I take, what topics to focus on?
    I would really appreciate some input. Thank you!

  32. 39

    TL says

    Hi everyone,

    A quick question for Kathy, the mother of two…Any news on your re-write? How did you find the exam the second time around? Using Gobeil AFP prep, did you find it helped?

    I think it would be cool for those who passed these exams be it AFP1 & 2 FPE1 & 2.. to update this forum, to let others know what you used and how it helped you…so others can be best prepared.

    A huge thanks to Tanya for opening up this blog, even though you are long done your exam preps. It is still alive and well, and has been most helpful and informative to us students who are facing the same thing as you did.

    All the best to you guys in your preparations.

  33. 40

    Kathy says

    TL,please feel free to call me for the exam, I rescheduled my test of tomorrow. U can call me 647 896 6758, the cellphone reception is bad, you can message me,we can share the exam content, mine previous test was for life event of new marriage

  34. 41

    dILSHAD says

    Hello Everyone,

    What a great way to share personal experiences around preparing for the AFP2 Exam. I have been studying for a while but I sure am nervous to write it. I read a lot of good suggession around writing the exam. Kathy, looks like you recently wrote yours… any thoughts to shar?


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