Good luck to those writing FPE1 & FPE2 June 8!

The countdown is down to hours now… I’m taking tomorrow as a vacation day to get the last minute review in of anything I’m unsure about (which I definitely have a few areas I am not rock-solid confident on, like alter-ego and spousal trusts for example).

I wanted to wish everyone a successful write of the FPE1 and FPE2 exams – I’m sure you’re all scrambling like me right now, but enjoy the process… You’ll all be CFPs in no time!

Is the Bar exam this difficult? I have often wondered if lawyers need to know as much detail about as many topics as we do… I’m sure they do. Now I know exactly how they feel. The pressure is pretty intense.

But, for a brief moment today, I also remembered that the worst case scenario is that I have to write it again in six months. That would totally suck, but it wouldn’t be life altering.

I can do this.

I’ll be hoping for the best Saturday morning – and by 4:30 the same afternoon, these last three years of intense work will be complete after the last sprint for 7.5 hours to the finish line, or at least, as complete as I can make them until I get my mark 7 weeks afterwards.

WISH ME LUCK! Hopefully I won’t need it.


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    Taylor Wales says

    I hope your exam went well! I wrote mine in Toronto, I didn’t find it that difficult. How did you find it?

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    Hi Tanya

    I really like reading your blog. I just wanted to ask you, in order to prepare for FPE1 which websites would you recemmend (study aids). Should you complete your PFP designation before going for the FPE1 or you can do that after?
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    Hi Tina! Sorry for the delay, I forgot to respond!

    For the FPE1, the best way to prepare is to get the WME/FP2 study guides and flash cards from – they are really great materials, and the bottom line is that you need to know the foundation of planning and the rules to back up your strategies. Most of the FPE1 is multiple choice, and there’s usually a clear answer, if you know the fundamentals.

    Good luck! Thanks for popping by!
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