Hi all! Just a really quick post as I’m currently vacationing in wine country (much more about that in my next post…) We are having a fabulous time, drinking (and purchasing) copious amounts of wine – while celebrating a GREAT (yay!) mark on my AFP2, thereby concluding my PFP designation.


I’m so pleased that’s done! You guys have no idea how much weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

So, I can now put three letters after my name. That means so much to me.

Next up – while waiting for my CFP final mark at the end of July – is Stampede fun in a few days… I’m so proud of my city for coming together to help others during the flooding AND pulling off the Stampede prep on time! Wow. If we hadn’t booked our vacation months in advance, we would have stayed home and volunteered, too. I’m sure Barry and I will find plenty of opportunity to help when we get back, though.

YOUR TURN! What’s new? Were you affected by flooding?


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    I’m so pleased to see you hit this amazing milestone. Watching your journey, it’s been clear just how much you’ve invested in this, and you deserve every moment of reflection and pride. Way to go!

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    Thanks Carmi! It’s been a crazy difficult journey, and I’m glad to put at least part of it behind me. Keeping my hopes up that it is completely done, but that’ll be known in a few weeks!

    Thanks for popping by!
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    Hi Tanya,

    Congrats on your designations!

    I’m in the middle of studying for my AFP1 exam (exam date is in March) and I’m FREAKING out! I’ve put off writing this exam for years now because I’m not sure how big of a monster it is and I’m feeling intimidated.

    Are you able to provide a bit of guidance? Currently, I’m studying with the Gobeil’s AFP exam prep and I also purchased the Canadian Tax Principles Textbooks (Byrd and Chen) because I’m not sure how much tax planning will be on the exam and I think that’s the part that’s making me the most nervous (deductions and credits ahhh)!

    I’ve read in your posts that you focused more on the case studies. Does this apply to both exams or just the first one? Are there any words of wisdom that you can provide?

    Oh, and did I menntion that I’m freaking out?? lol

    Thanks for your help!!


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