Lesser-known thyroid disease symptoms

Hey, did you know that along with the typical thyroid disease symptoms, there are many more that cause mis-diagnoses on a regular basis?

Suffering for years myself, this list below (thanks to Mary Shomon, an exceptional thyroid patient advocate) really paints the true picture of my frustrating struggle.

Often undiagnosed thyroid issues can include:

1. Tendonitis
2. Unexpectedly high cholesterol levels
3. Frequent bone breaks or stress fractures
4. Plantar fasciitis
5. Serious post-workout muscle aches
6. Extremely high heart rate during easy workouts
7. Extremely low heart rate during hard workouts
8. Pain and weakness in the upper arm (i.e. you have to rest your arm on something while you brush your hair)
9. Legs that feel like lead weights
10. Frozen shoulder (might feel like a rotator cuff injury)
11. Inability to lose weight despite good diet and exercise
12. Sudden, rapid weight gain even though your diet and exercise routine haven’t changed
13. Anxiety that can’t be explained by stress
14. Depression that can’t be explained by problems at work or at home

I’ve blogged in the past about the fairly common symptoms like thinning outer half of eyebrows, brain fog, extreme fatigue, extreme hair loss… but this list above goes into some of the others that I didn’t know were related.

I’m now pretty much optimal on natural dessicated thyroid (NDT) and most of those symptoms above other than the crazy, unexplained weight gain, which makes no sense considering the low calories I consume. I’m so thankful for extended medical care that pays for my visits to my integrative medical doctor here in Alberta.

YOUR TURN: Do you suffer from multiple symptoms above along with the general list I’ve blogged about in the past? Have you been diagnosed yet?


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    I am just now beginning to learn about thyroid problems. So all the symptoms sound odd to me. The eyebrows sound strange and have me seriously wondering. I get my test results Wednesday and I really do wonder as the last 1/3 or so of my eyebrows have gone bye-bye. I used to pluck them into the right shape but now I have to pencil them in because they are no longer there. At my last visit to the hair stylist, I mentioned my normally thick hair doesn’t seem to be as thick as it normally has been in the past.
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