It’s kind of embarrassing…

I was thinking about all my resolutions I’m going to break in 2014, when one specific one came to mind that I broke last year.

Well, it’s actually two-in-one.

This blog template and my blogging frequency is embarrassing! I mean, seriously – when was the last time I dug into the CSS and HTML of this template? Err… 2009 I think. Half my blogroll links aren’t working, and the text header is just nasty. It’s time to do something about it.

And, secondly, I used to preach to everyone else when I was in my old marketing life to have a consistency to a blogging regime. I’ve failed that miserably as well. How many times in the past two years have I come here and promised to blog more regularly, blah blah blah. It’s an empty promise I haven’t kept.

Sorry about that!

This blog was my life line to friends and family for years… and I don’t want to give it up. Many friends that I know today are because of this blog. This was especially true in Vancouver, as I was quite obssessed with connections through social media there. Life has changed dramatically since I moved to Calgary – I’m still reading a ton of blogs, but I often don’t respond on them. It’s actually a bit of a pet peeve of mine, so I don’t know why I comment on friend’s blogs via Facebook, when I hope people would comment here for everyone to participate in the conversation in one place. (My Facebook is locked down to friends I actually know IRL, so it’s hard to have a disjointed conversation in two places).

So, I’m hoping (but not promising) to spend some time over the next week or so to update my blog look and feel, and come up with some sort of blogging schedule I can live with and look forward to, now that I’m not overwhelmed with study and work.

YOUR TURN: Do you blog? When you read blogs, do you comment on the blog itself, or on Twitter or Facebook? I’d love to hear from you here! Thanks!


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    I do blog, though I fall into the trap of over-promising and under-delivering. I’ve actually found my issue is not really knowing what to write about.

    As to commenting, I try to comment on the post itself. I may interact on Twitter or Facebook, but if I can comment here I will.
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    Hey Chris! Great to see you over here… Thanks for popping in! I must pop over to your blog – thanks for the reminder.

    The subject issue is one a lot of us face – after 17 years of writing, it’s still hard for me sometimes, especially since I have to consider the filter I need to have for my husband’s privacy, as well as the professionalism for myself. Despite it being a personal blog, I’m certain there are employers and colleagues who have stopped by here. It brings a new level of privacy I have to maintain. Do you have this same issue, too?

    That said, there’s still plenty to write about, and I’m going to start coming up with a calendar to inspire myself ;)

    Happy new year!
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    I actually think twitter ruined me. I actually struggle to think bigger than 140 characters. I’m a relative open book and really have no concern with what I can or can’t say.
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