When it all starts to look the same…

This CSS is driving me a little batty. I think I’ve been looking at code too long, as all the fonts I’ve been playing with look the same now. And, the widgets aren’t playing nice. Grr. Dumb widgets and plug-ins that don’t play nice together!

I still have some updates left to do, clearly, but I’m getting there.

But, this is not really how I want to be spending my Friday night – Five years ago, I’d be at this all night, but these days, I’ve got better things to do with my free time!

YOUR TURN: What are you up to this fine, blustery, Friday evening? Anything fun?


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    Lara says

    Wow. This post just told me that it is Friday. At 9 pm. Clearly I am living in another universe.

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    Great to hear from you. Oddly enough, just a couple of weeks ago I checked out your old site to see what you were up to.

    I’ve not been doing much with my blog so digging into the CSS isn’t something I do much of anymore. Good luck troubleshooting your site, Tan.
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    LOL Lara! :D Clearly we live different lives these days! I see you are heading out to YVR soon – say hi to everyone for me! Miss ya, chick!

    Utenzi – thanks for dropping by and saying hi! I hope things are going great for you! I’ve really gotten out of touch with all my blogosphere friends! I miss you guys, and reading what you are up to! Hope to see you blogging again soon!

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    My Friday night looked suspiciously like my Saturday night: lots of tea to stay warm, a long walk with the pup, movies with the family and a general sense that life was/is fundamentally good. You’ve inspired me to carve some time out this year to finally bring my blog into the 21st century. If only I had more time…

    I hope you get to kick back with something warm and enjoy this amazing winter, Tanya.
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    Hey Carmi! Great to see you over here… You certainly have a busy life lately! I hear you on every media outlet on a daily basis it seems. It’s good that you are taking a little downtime, and staying cozy :) I look forward to seeing what you do with your blog theme!

    Hi Heather! Thanks for popping by! It’s still a work in progress, and I’m not certain I’m going to leave the look and feel the way you see it now, but it’s getting there. I like bold… so this certainly does fill that need! I’m currently working on a blog calendar of sorts to keep me active on the blogging front. I absolutely love writing, and it allows me to connect with friends worldwide that aren’t necessarily on FB, or would rather connect with me in a more meaningful way. I look forward to seeing what you come up with for content with your new focus, too!

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