Marathon-worthy TV shows!

So, I have another dirty little secret to share! Barry and I LOVE to shut out the world and curl up in bed all weekend on occasion and binge-watch tv shows. Yep, we’re talking hours upon hours of program catch-up that would normally take entire TV seasons to view, we view over a day or two.

It’s our downtime. We both need it on occasion, as we’re always “on” at work, and sometimes the last thing we want to do is have to put out any effort on a day off to do anything but zone out.

In fact, we bought a 60″ tv and sound system for our bedroom last year for this very reason. I can actually see the screen without contact lenses! What a concept!

So, without further ado, here’s my list of NetChick-Approved Binge and Marathon-Worthy TV shows in no particular order: (many of which are now cancelled, but most are available on NetFlix still)

  1. The Wire
  2. Alias
  3. The Walking Dead
  4. Lost Girl
  5. Justified
  6. Lost
  7. ER
  8. Star Trek: Voyager / Next Generation / DS9
  9. X Files
  10. Veronica Mars
  11. The Sopranos
  12. Dr Who / Torchwood
  13. Jericho
  14. NCIS
  15. Dead Like Me (dammit, why did they cancel this just when it was getting good?)
  16. Nip / Tuck
  17. Veronica Mars
  18. Deadwood
  19. Survivor
  20. Amazing Race
  21. Pushing Daisies
  22. Firefly
  23. The Newsroom
  24. House of Cards
  25. 24 (the first season or two)
  26. Sons of Anarchy
  27. Breaking Bad
  28. Battlestar Gallactica / Caprica
  29. Sherlock (UK)
  30. Downtown Abbey (UK)

I’m sure I missed several! But, the above consititutes some of my all-time favourite shows.

And, for those of you who don’t have access to the US version of NetFlix to get many of these great shows (or the UK version of NetFlix for that matter…) I will be posting in another blog entry about UnBlock-Us which allows you to choose which version you would like by just changing a website setting!

YOUR TURN: Confess! Do you binge-watch TV too? If so, which are your favourite shows? Do tell!


  1. 1

    Andrew Woods (@awoods) says

    That’s a good list. I’d also add Primeval (UK), Buffy, Angel, Leverage, and White Collar to that list.

  2. 4

    Andrew Woods (@awoods) says

    the wire I want to see but haven’t yet. Downtown Abbey I haven’t had the desire so far.

  3. 5


    I cannot watch more than 3 episodes of any TV show. I just can’t. I do watch Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad. Of course, I am waiting for Netflix to come up with the new seasons. I also like watching Pretty Little Liars. My dirty little secret is I go online and try to find the shows on you tube or some other place if I missed the latest episode. I know I should just DVR it but when I was living in Hawaii, I did not have a DVR and that was not an option. So I found you could find shows other places.
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