The Grass is NOT Greener…

NetChick's Pet PeevesHey peeps! Glad you stopped by today. I have a public service announcement to share!

Here’s the thing – I have a big pet peeve. I’m sure it’s one of yours, too.

When requesting the audience of a friend to either an event, or party, or just a get-together between the two of us, do NOT (I repeat… Do. Not.) say to me that you might come, and you’ll let me know a few days before our proposed engagement (which may be weeks away). Why? Why do you need to wait say… two or three weeks to let me know if you can grace me with your presence?

You know what? That says to me that you couldn’t care less about me, and the effort I’ve put in to spend time with you. That, and hey, I’m not going to lock up my entire evening until just before said get-together in order for you to see if something better comes along. THE GRASS IS NOT GREENER. If you don’t want to spend time with me, just say so. I won’t be wounded. My ego is quite healthy, thanks.

Come on. Gimme a break.

So, burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice? Um, forget ever getting another invite.

YOUR TURN: What say you? I’d love for you to weigh in! Does this piss you off, too?

FINE PRINT: To be clear, taking a couple of days to let me know is no biggie. I’m not ranting about that at all… Hell, I often want to make sure that I can make something before committing.


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    Cecily says

    This is also one of my biggest pet peeves – it’s so offensive. Also, do not make plans with me and then bail at the last minute for anything non-serious (ie: accident, illness, massive work catastrophe). If you just don’t feel like it, or your husband was hoping you’d be home for supper that night, or another friend is having a crisis (ie: perm went wrong), I don’t want to hear it. I take my friendships seriously and I look forward to seeing someone. To bail leaves someone disappointed, hurt, frustrated and ultimately you are going to run out of real friends, real fast. Well said Tanya, bravo to you!

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    We may have a potential guest or two trying this for our wedding. Now sure they’ve given us a “no if you need an answer now” response, but to me that’s the same sorta bag.
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