Stop the insanity. This is ridiculous!

What the hell is wrong with me?

Ya, that’s right, I’m really angry with myself. I know what I should be doing to lose weight. I know what works for me. But, will I do it? No.

I have every excuse in the book.

  • My knee hurts.
  • My back hurts.
  • I don’t have a rowing machine at home (my favourite workout).
  • I’m tired.
  • I’m not hungry. (My issue isn’t overeating, it’s under-eating, with the wrong foods).
  • What do you mean I can’t have 2 glasses of wine a night over the weekends?
  • Have I mentioned, I’m tired?
  • I forgot my thyroid meds again… No biggie, I’ll remember tomorrow.
  • I don’t have enough time to search out breakfast… This high fat muffin will do. With a skinny mocha. Because, it’s not that many calories.
  • Exercise? Can’t I just cut the calories some more?
  • I hate Weight Watchers.
  • I’ll do extreme dieting and lose the majority next month.
  • Pizza for dinner? Why yes… It’s not like I’m eating a ton of it (even two pieces is too many for me, though… my diet is heavy carbs which make me gain like crazy.)
  • I can’t commit to an eating plan right now because I have so many events that will throw me off next week.

Oh, hell. I can go on and ON. It’s stupid.


Stop the insanity, self. It’s time to get serious about this… and make a permanent, sustainable change. I know I can do it… I’ve done it so many times before. It’s not that hard to lose the 35 lbs to get to goal – it’s just very difficult to keep it off.

So, clearly, the way I maintained in the past wasn’t working. Doing the same thing again makes no sense. So, I’m going to commit to doing things differently this time. Because… NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS BEING HEALTHY/THIN FEELS.

YOUR TURN: Do you struggle with weight loss, too? Have you done something in the past that works for you? Do tell!


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    Step 1: Stop beating the hell out of yourself. You’re human. You slip up. Ever since Shep’s surgery, I’ve been off track.
    Step 2: Tomorrow is a new day. Take baby steps, make little changes. Start with breakfast. (Look up recipes for overnight oats, it’s the coolest prep thing ever and all you have to do is pull breakie out of the fridge.)
    Step 3: Give yourself a hug. The most important part of lifestyle change is appreciating yourself and every positive step you take.

    Oh for the love of God, when did I become inspirational? Dammit … I need a drink.

    And now looking at the Comment Luv widget, I realize I have to blog more. Damn you.
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  2. 2

    Penney says

    I agree, stop beating yourself up. Let the idea of dieting go and start by loving yourself. I love you no matter what!!

  3. 3

    Johnny says

    Quit dieting and just get a diet…that is right for your body. I highly recommend the book ‘your personal paleo code’ by Chris Kresser. Even if u don’t like his suggestions, I promise it will be a massive nutritional education, and you will find the right food for your body. My whole family cut wheat within days of reading it….insane how mant ailments it fixes. thyroid u say? Read on! For me it fixed acid reflux and helps remedy my anxiety and depression. Good luck

  4. 4


    You are not alone! It is really, really hard. I was skinny until I stopped smoking and went through menopause at the same time. The only formal diet I went on was weight watchers, and it did work – mainly I think because it was just common sense. But I often can’t stick with that, either. The main thing for me is to try to eat healthy foods and exercise. It is so personal. What works for someone else might not work for you. For myself, it’s an ongoing battle.
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    Hi guys – sorry for the delayed comment reply! RSP season is kicking my butt!

    Angela – great points… and yes, you do need to blog more! I’m working on incorporating a proper RSS blog feed here, but it’ll probably have to wait until RSP season is past me. (I’m actually working at home as I take a moment to reply to these comments… LOL)

    Penney – Thanks sweets! I really appreciate your call, and thoughts, I’m going to incorporate your suggestions! You’re my inspiration!

    Johnny – I have heard about that book… I will definitely grab it on my iPad to read as soon as I have some spare personal time (a few weeks…) Thanks! I agree, carbs and wheat… bad. I know this. It’s just so darn easy.

    Anne – It’s always great to have you here to comment! I totally get your frustration. Every body is different. I hope you are well!
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    I struggled with weight in the past, but decided that I wasn’t going to lose weight or keep it off if I didn’t overhaul my lifestyle. It’s been 12 years since I lost 60lbs, and keeping it off has been simple provided I keep up with healthy living. So for me that’s eating healthy, whole foods, avoiding processed foods (I don’t miss them at all!), having treats in moderation, and being active as often as possible. It makes a difference not just in my waist line, but in my energy, how well I sleep and how well I manage my stress. When it’s just the way you live, it becomes simple – no dieting stress!

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