Because Your Blog Needs Love, Too!

Why, hello again! I’m back for a second time today. How unusual!

I just couldn’t wait to tell you that I spent a few minutes, and searched out a GREAT RSS Blogroll Widget! This widget is awesome! Woohoo!

You know what would make it more awesome? YOU and your blog feed…

So, tell me – Are you missing from my feed? (You may actually be on the blogroll, but if you haven’t blogged recently, it’ll have fallen below the fold as I only have room for several current blog entries). If you are missing… Comment! I’ll add you!

And of course, please feel free to peruse my friend’s feeds – they’re all there because I enjoy reading their posts. I know you will too.

YOUR TURN: Comment with your personal blog RSS feed URL, and let me get you added!


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    Hi Tanya,

    Love your site! I’m also a social media crazed Calgarian. I’m already reading through your archives :) I’ll definitely be back!

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    I’ve been such a blog-slacker lately. I’ve fallen behind on posting and I’ve barely visited my favourite reads. Life’s been a little crazy lately, and while I skip from one deadline and interview to another, it’s usually the blog that suffers first. Maybe that’ll change soon…

    Either way, I’m glad to see you still at it, Tanya, and still building community. You’ve inspired me to not give up.
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    Hiya – Like Carmi mentions above, I’ve also been a bit behind with blogging for the last week. I also used to use commentluv, but it disappeared from rashbre central after one of blogspot’s changes.
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    Hi Tanya, I just wanted to let you know that mentioned you in my last blog post on celebrating my 10th anniversary blogging. I know it has been a long time since I posted here, but I thought I would let you know how much of an influence your were to my blogging experience. Cheers, Happy New Year, and happy blogging. Cheers!

    I like the new look!

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    Elaine, thanks for popping by! I’ll definitely add you on to my blogroll :)

    Carmi – you are so sweet! You always inspire me! Of course, you were one of the first people on my blogroll!

    Rashbre – You are already on my blogroll :) I’m always delighted when you pop by!

    Thomasso! Wow, long time no chat… I’ll head over to your blog! I hope you are well! (and I’ll re-add you to my roll!)

    by the way, everyone… it looks like my excitement for that RSS Blogroll may have been premature – it’s taking forever to load my page, and it’s not working as well as expected. Many posts aren’t showing, when I know you guys have posted recently. I may go back to a link rather than feed system. Stay tuned!
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    Hey Tanya,
    I’m a fellow Calgary blogger focusing on lifestyle topics such as travel, food and parenting. Thanks for the offer to include me in on your community. I look forward to reading more about This Chick’s Life.

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    Hi everyone! I think I’ve got you all… My blogroll is limited to 15 most recent blogs, so if your blog entry isn’t listed, and you’ve updated recently, let me know and I’ll look into it.

    Thanks for all the great blogroll ideas! I hope to send you all many readers! (including myself!)

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