I miss the Meet n’ Greets – Do you?

Good Monday evening, all! Hope your Monday was great, and not too arduous. I have to say, most of my workdays are feeling like Mondays at the moment due to RSP Season (I hate that term, because really, is there an ‘RSP Season’? No, not really… You should be regularly contributing to your retirement savings, and not just during tax time).

Anyhow… I’ll leave that one alone for now.

I was just thinking today about the old Meet n’ Greets… You remember those? Where people would use this blog as a conduit to get more traffic, and ultimately obtain much-coveted comment love? I miss them.

As many of you know, I love connecting people. It’s one of my unique talents I bring to friendships, both virtual and in real life. Nothing makes me grin more than connecting people and having that friendship blossom into something special.

So, maybe I’ll bring back the Meet n’ Greet one day?

YOUR TURN! What do you think? Is that hayday of blogging over? How do you drive traffic to your little spot on the interwebnets, or find blogs to read?

PS: I’m truly sorry about the RSS Feed thingy – it’s delaying the loading of this blog significantly, and certainly not working right. I’m going to have to go back to the old-school blogroll.


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    I don’t think the hayday of blogging is over, I just think we have to be creative and standout with all the newer blogs out there.
    I liked your meet n greet that you had back in the day.
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    I used to really enjoy the meet n greet it was one of the things that helped me out of my shell when I was going through a really depressive phase of my bipolar so thanks Netchick I hope to see it again soon ;)

    We first met at Michelle’s :)

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    I do miss the meet & greets. Those were always a fun way to find new blogs and meet new people…I think most the blogs I still visit are ones I found that way.
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    I think Kimm is right – there’s just so much out there nowadays. That said, I find most people communicate to me on my posts through Twitter and Facebook, instead of comments on the posts themselves.
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    I miss them, too. There was a sense of community around blogs that seems to have ebbed somewhat over the past couple of years. I realize that to a large extent this is due to the rise of social media. Indeed, conversations that used to take place exclusively via blogs have now shifted toward Facebook and Twitter.

    But here’s the thing: social media platforms are far more ephemeral and transient than blogs. As much as I use FB & Twitter for a whole lot of reasons, they’re not MINE. My blog most definitely is, and nothing truly replaces that unique sense of home, and that ability to signpost my life.

    I’ve been thinking of different ways to leverage the traffic on FB and Twitter to drive more activity on the blog front. The M&G was a wonderful way to stoke the fires, and I wonder if there’s a creative way to relight that flame.

    I’m glad you raised this. The sun may not yet be up on this dreary Sunday morning, but you’ve already got my head spinning. In a good way. Thanks Tanya!
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