Phew. That was close.

Wow. That was a couple of several frustrating days.

I hear Mercury is in retrograde. Boy, it sure is in my world.

It all started on Thursday afternoon. I noticed some speed issues with my email, but chalked it up to a crappy slog day on the internetwebs. Except, it wasn’t that at all.

Some jerk decided to do a DoS attack on my PHP code on this blog. And, again, that wouldn’t be such a big deal (even though my blog and email are kinda critical to me, the rest of the world can certainly live without my musings and connectivity) except that my seven domains were causing major, and serious grief for a good friend who has so nicely hosted my little online world for many years on his dedicated work server. Yes… the attack was actually hurting his systems in a big way.

No good.

So, he had to suspend my account, and during the process of hiding my code from the attacks almost lost the contents of my site. LOL. It wouldn’t have been too tragic, as I do back up fairly often, but, it still would have been a pain, and the last several blog entries and all my server-side email would have been gone.

Sigh. I want to kick the jerk who started all this in the nads. What’s the point? You did nothing besides cause me and my friend time and headaches. JERK. Anyhow – I’m almost fully recovered now. I still don’t have email. My site is now hosted on a shared server that I’m paying for separately (the free ride is over… boo) and my URLs are currently undergoing a nameserver update.

Oh, have I mentioned how much I love They have been so helpful with all of this – they are reasonably priced, and I’ve used them for years for other client sites as well as this one. Go check them out. They’re local, and they answer the phone!

YOUR TURN: How’s your week been? Suffering from communications and electronic device issues, too?

UPDATE: It’s now Monday morning, and I believe the DNS propagation has not quite completed… there’s still some buggy issues that will go away over the next few days. Please stand by :)


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