RSP Season (self-imposed) Hiatus Over!

Hi gang! I survived yet another season of RSP mahem! As always, it was an adventure.

Now that I’m back, there’s so much I’m looking forward to! Such as…

  1. Blogging :)
  2. Taking lunches (what a concept, I’ve worked through every lunch break for over two months now)
  3. Going to Toronto for work – yep, I know I’m weird
  4. Going to Western Italy and Southern France (and Paris for a bit afterwards) on a five-star mostly-inclusive cruise on Azamara (no nickel and diming… yahoo!)
  5. My in-laws coming back from Arizona (I’ve missed them while they were away for Snowbird season!)
  6. My parents coming back from their latest adventure soon after we return from our adventure – theirs is much longer and sounds way cooler, but hey, we’re not retired like them :)
  7. Having some time to myself to get back in shape
  8. A stagette for Erin in Kelowna
  9. Being a bridesmaid in June, and watching one of my closest friends get married to the love of her life
  10. Having my brother and Diane come out for a visit for the first time in quite a while
  11. Another possible girls’ trip to Kelowna for wine-drinking-fun :)

The list goes on and on… I’m so blessed to have such amazing adventures to look forward to and experience!

YOUR TURN: What are you looking forward to?


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    Cecily says

    I am looking forward to finishing university and having more free time back – this won’t happen until August but hey, it’s something to look forward to!

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