World Travels: The first days aboad the Azamara Quest

It’s been the best of times, it’s been the worst of times…

Well so far our trip has been pretty incredible with only a couple exceptions. First, we decided to upgrade our British Airways flight. Good move. Better seats, better meals, more recline etc. Worth the 279 dollars each for an 8 and a half hour flight to Heathrow. Nice was… nice. We tried unsuccessfully to blow up our hotel – plugged in the wrong power adapter and blew all the lights and power in the room. We got it fixed while the manager compalined about the Phillips TV being “Boolsheet!” over and over. It was quite entertaining.

After an uneventful rest of the evening we went to brekky and realized that our favorite beer “Desperados” which is infused with TEQUILA!! was on tap at the restaurant. However we didn’t imbibe – it was 9AM and even on holiday that’s a faux pas – especially in France where it’s pronounced “faux pas”. We climbed aboard the Azamara Quest midday but decided that we really could use some tequila beer and dicusssed whether or not it was worthwhile getting off the ship to do so. The answer was YES of course it was worth it and the search began. At the very first stop we found what we were craving… canned Desperados.

DAY 1: Nice, Embarkation.
It was apparent very quickly that we were one of the youngest couples aboard the Azamara Quest. This didn’t disturb us, as we were expecting as much. It’s definitely a smaller vessel, with only 680 guests, and although we had a veranda suite, it felt old and worn the moment we entered our cabin. Somewhat of a dissapointment, really. But, hey, we knew that this particular cruise would not be about the vessel, but rather the ports, and other than one sea day (today) we would be overnighting in several ports (3) and seeing places neither of us had seen on our world adventures to date.

What I can say, is that the people we’ve met on board so far have all been super nice, and we’ve even met up with two couples we will hopefully stay in touch with after the cruise. Julie and Tim are from Michigan, which we hear is really struggling (think Detroit), and Marilyn and Tom are from TN, which apparently is also struggling… I didn’t know that.

We’ll write the rest of this post in another entry later, as Barry and I are both feeling a little sea sick due to near-gale-force winds on such a tiny ship. Stay tuned!


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