Mexico’s Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe & Adventures

Hola from Mexico again – this is our last full day in our all-inclusive resort, and I’m a little sad to have to go back to work in Calgary on Monday in -27 with the windchill, very much the opposite to our cloudy with sunny periods today and +33 with the humidex. That said, I’m [...]

It Can’t Really Be 2015, Already?

Frida, Chrissie, and Kate

Hola Amigos, and welcome to the 2015 edition of “This Chick’s Life” blog. Can you believe I’m embarking on my 18th year of blogging? It feels strange posting after so long and I hope you forgive me for the delay. It’s been an insanely busy 2014, and much of my hard work has definitely paid [...]

Better late than never, right? Let’s finish the trip post!

Life, good and bad, got in the way of blog posts. Much loss in our lives, recently. Much happiness and joy, too. Let’s get this blog post finally posted… It’s been percolating for months in our memories: Day 10 and 11: Livorno, Italy And now we arrive at the part of the trip Barry had [...]

World Travels: Day 2-10 aboard the Azamara Quest

Hi – we’re back! Day 2: Civitavecchia. That’s Rome to you and me kids. Our day began with a hurried walk to the treno station (I’ll be throwing in Italianisms along the way) where we headed into Rome, stopping at Stazione San Pietro (The Vatican) where we were met by Peter, a Londoner who operates [...]

World Travels: The first days aboad the Azamara Quest

It’s been the best of times, it’s been the worst of times… Well so far our trip has been pretty incredible with only a couple exceptions. First, we decided to upgrade our British Airways flight. Good move. Better seats, better meals, more recline etc. Worth the 279 dollars each for an 8 and a half [...]

Adventures! Excursions! Oh my!

Azamara Quest Easter Cruise

Our trip is coming up fast… I can’t wait! In just a few short weeks, we’ll be in Nice, then the West coast of Italy, Malta, and afterwards, Paris! Barry and I have been pouring through excursion options for our Azamara cruise adventure, and we’ve definitely decided on Modeno (a three hour drive from the [...]

RSP Season (self-imposed) Hiatus Over!

Hi gang! I survived yet another season of RSP mahem! As always, it was an adventure. Now that I’m back, there’s so much I’m looking forward to! Such as… Blogging Taking lunches (what a concept, I’ve worked through every lunch break for over two months now) Going to Toronto for work – yep, I know [...]

For the love of magazines… Try Next Issue Canada!

Next Issue Canada - MoneySense

OHMYGOSH, I think I’m nearly fully back in action here! I wanted to yack today about a new service that I’ve been using for the past month, and I have to say, I’m a FAN-GIRL! Even if they hadn’t sponsored this post, I would have written about Next Issue Canada, because I think their service [...]

Hello. Hello? Is this thing on?

Jeez. It seems like the front page will load, but internal pages won’t. I sure hope this issue is corrected soon. This has been a long haul from last Thursday. In other news, don’t email me, if you want a quick response. I’m still not getting email yet, although I’m sure it’s piling up on [...]