That’s a first.

I got to talking to the guy that I went out on a date with on Monday night, last night. He’s fun… I quite like him. Well. Um. I gave him this URL, on a whim. I never do that! I trust that when and if he reads this site, he won’t take it *too [...]

As much as I love my car –

– Sometimes I wish I had a front wheel drive again. There’s noooo way I’ll be going anywhere today. I was told last week that the caretaker for this building has a bad back, so he won’t be out there shoveling the incline that my car would have to climb to get out of the [...]

2004 — And back to work!

Monday. Monday after the Christmas break. Monday after the Christmas break, when I’ve slacked off for two weeks. No matter how you slice it… it’s messy!! I hope that everyone had a great New Year’s! Mine, for the first time in a very long time, was extremely enjoyable, and without any major problems. What a [...]

Belated Merry Ho Ho, Everyone!

Wow…! I got spoiled for Christmas. I wasn’t expecting it, but then again, I never expect gifts. I am one of those people that get a little ansy about receiving presents, except for at this time of year. I absolutely LOVE giving gifts — Watching someone open up something that I know they have wanted, [...]

Here I sit.

Yeah. Err, I’m sitting at work, and although normally I’m far more focused in the office, I can’t seem to get enough items checked off my arm-length to-do list to reduce the panic today. Being a Wednesday, I should be going skiing tonight, but it’s already 3:15 in the afternoon, and if I take off [...]

“Bad Santa”

Deetria, Vern, Christina and her husband, and I all went out last night to see a late showing of “Bad Santa” — The way the reviews read, I felt it was a good choice for the dollar. I have to say though, that although it was pretty funny, and I laughed in parts, I found [...]

A good lesson…

Note to self: Do *NOT* get so excited about one guy, no matter how cool he seems to be, to start with. I can’t even tell you how dissapointed I was today, after calling the guy last night (he didn’t call me as he said he was going to, to discuss movie options) and leaving [...]

:) Tres cool date last night!

{cue applause} Yay!!! I met a very cool guy last night — I’d been looking forward to this date for days, actually… Which, as you know is so totally unlike me when it comes to first dates. We met at a local pub, had a couple of beers and chicken fingers, and yacked for 2.5 [...]