Feeling kinda crappy…

I’m not having a great day, today. I can’t sleep. I’ve got too much on my mind. I’m sick — which doesn’t help. I’ve got the flu and that’s made me feel quite ill over the past couple of days. Apparently, it’s going around. Hopefully it’s just the fact that I’m not feeling very good [...]

Out with the old, in with the new!!

I have a *new* baby on the way. Now, Dad, don’t have a heart attack! It’s not what you think! ((GRIN)) I ordered a brand, stinkin’ new Dell laptop today. Woohooooo! It’s SWEEEEEEET! (Cartman would be proud of that impression, trust me). If you want to see a picture of it, click here. So, you [...]


Yippeee! Woohooooo! I’m sooo excited, AGAIN! LOL!! I booked a cruise today! I figure that I should give myself two weeks vacation time each year to get away from things… so I’m off to grab Chris on September 7th to enjoy a week of sun and relaxation aboard the mighty Carnival Conquest! Teeeheeeheeeee! I love [...]

A weekend of love and relaxation!

Yesterday, one of my very good friends got married… Lorelei and Darren are perfect for each other, and their wedding was truly beautiful. The photo presentation at the reception that Paul (Darren’s father) put on was very touching, as were the toasts… The whole incredible day reminded me that there is definately true love out [...]

Photos? Did someone say photos?

Holy cow, it’s late. I thought that I’d just spend “a few minutes” on my photo album template to automate the album creation, and that was, uh, four hours ago. At least some of the photo albums are now up! Yay! Let me know (comment here!) what you think of how it’s set up! I’ll [...]

Back to the grind, sort of!

I’m finally back to normal and my previous, sleep-deprived state from travelling has all but been replaced by my normal cheery, effervescent self. Deetria came over last night and shared in the sauna-like conditions for a few hours here. Those Vex Hard Lemonaids sure helped some to alleviate the sweltering heat in my room. She [...]


I’m home! What a great vacation I had in Texas! Chris was a most excellent host, and we packed an absolute ton of stuff into just a few short days… Here’s an overview: Chris took Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off from work, after working the Monday and Tuesday of last week. Wednesday morning, we got [...]

Day four… how can it be day four already??

Monday! How can it be Monday, already? This vacation is just zooming by… I had an awesome weekend in Texas — which included seeing the city of Dallas, the city of Fort Worth, exploring the touristy area called the Fort Worth Stockyards (pictures are coming), a visit to a mega WalMart (I thought of you, [...]