It’s kind of embarrassing…

I was thinking about all my resolutions I’m going to break in 2014, when one specific one came to mind that I broke last year. Well, it’s actually two-in-one. This blog template and my blogging frequency is embarrassing! I mean, seriously – when was the last time I dug into the CSS and HTML of [...]

Belated Merry Christmas Wishes!

How was your Christmas? Mine was awesome… My how life has changed in the past several years. I remember a time, not too long ago, when I chose not to celebrate Christmas at all. It was 2007, and I’d lost my Dad a month before Christmas while I was away in Europe. That was a [...]

The C-train Slog

Have I mentioned here how much my daily commute downtown is my very least favorite (and that’s putting it mildly) part of my day? For those of you that haven’t actually seen where I live in Calgary – I live in the South East quadrant at the far end of the city. It’s a beautiful [...]

Awesome fun at the new Reebok Store (FitHub)!

I was invited to a pre-opening launch event and introduction to the new Reebok store: FitHub at CrossIron Mills Mall the other day… And had a really great time! It’s the first of it’s kind in Canada, located near Calgary (I say near, because it’s in “Mallzak”) and I loved hearing about the new technology [...]

MY LAST DAY! And… Friday Silliness!

Wooohoo! The day has arrived… I’m headed on to my new branches next week. How’s that for a Thanksgiving treat? I’m thrilled! I’ve really enjoyed my time at Main Branch, and the planners I work with have all been super with knowledge sharing. But, I’m more than ready to get on with it, already! This, [...]

Lesser-known thyroid disease symptoms

Hey, did you know that along with the typical thyroid disease symptoms, there are many more that cause mis-diagnoses on a regular basis? Suffering for years myself, this list below (thanks to Mary Shomon, an exceptional thyroid patient advocate) really paints the true picture of my frustrating struggle. Often undiagnosed thyroid issues can include: 1. [...]

Back from Toronto!

Did you miss me? The Institute for Learning was great, but certainly a lot more after-hours work than I expected. In addition to reviewing nightly what was covered that day, we also had pre-work to do for a few of the next days’ learning, not to mention getting very knowledgable with policy… There was an [...]

Oh hello… I’m back!

Hi guys, Sorry for my extended absence. I actually did write another blog entry not that long ago, and some may have read it, but then I relegated to private status for a few reasons. So, for those that haven’t heard from me in a while, here I am! There’s so much going on! First, [...]