Hi all! Just a really quick post as I’m currently vacationing in wine country (much more about that in my next post…) We are having a fabulous time, drinking (and purchasing) copious amounts of wine – while celebrating a GREAT (yay!) mark on my AFP2, thereby concluding my PFP designation. YAY!!! I’m so pleased that’s [...]

I’ll never utter the words “I’m bored” again!

It’s been a week since my (hopefully) last exam, and I have to tell you, it’s amazing not to think about, or plan for, studying for any upcoming courses. It’s very freeing, in fact. I’ve felt completely shackled to my books for a couple of years now, and especially in the past several months. So [...]

And, I’m done! At least until my mark arrives!

Just a quick entry while I have a couple of beer to celebrate. (I’m writing this at the pub!) So, how was my exam writing experience? I’m… HOPEFUL. That’s all I can say. I have no idea how I did other than I’m fairly certain I didn’t completely bomb it. We shall see in about [...]

Good luck to those writing FPE1 & FPE2 June 8!

The countdown is down to hours now… I’m taking tomorrow as a vacation day to get the last minute review in of anything I’m unsure about (which I definitely have a few areas I am not rock-solid confident on, like alter-ego and spousal trusts for example). I wanted to wish everyone a successful write of [...]

The final stretch!

This could be the last few days I ever have to cram this much knowledge in my head. I can’t tell you how excited that makes me. This past weekend, I missed two events – a summer kick-off BBQ at Erin and James’ place, and a Scotch Tasting. Clearly, going to either would have been [...]

iPhone 5 wireless issues

Inquiring minds want to know… Is anyone else experiencing this? First, it was Barry’s new iPhone 5 he had just picked up… It said it was connected to our many wifi hotspots in the house, but the signal wasn’t actually connected. So, he took it back to the Apple Store, and the friendly guys in [...]

Confidence is… High!

Whew. One down, one to go. I woke up this morning feeling pretty underwhelmed about how this evening would go… And, as the day wore on, and I reviewed as much as I could, I was making myself get seriously worked up about this PFP exam. (The AFP 2) By the time I walked into [...]

I’ve figured out what’s missing!

Going through the final review of all this material… Including, but not limited to: Budget, savings and cash flow analysis Personal risk management and insurance requirements Residential mortgages Family law Tax planning Asset allocation Annuities Estate planning Investment management Equity securities, and hedge funds Debt securities Managed products (mutual funds and seg funds) Portfolio management [...]