Friday Silliness!

Friday Silliness… Have a great weekend! YOUR TURN: What are you looking forward to, this fine, fine weekend? Me? Oh, I can’t say I’m looking forward to it, but I’ll be buried in my piles of books! Shocking, I know.


Oh man. Am I done yet? Is this crazy schedule of review and more review over? I’ve had zero life now in over 5 weeks. I work. I come home. I study. Repeat. I am really not having fun with this, now. Okay, to be clear, I was never having fun with this studying and [...]

Prep for CFP / PFP final exams (AFP2 / FPE2)

Wow, it sounds like crickets around these here parts. Once again, I’m deep into review for my upcoming exams. The countdown is on, now! I finished the Capstone with tonnes of time to spare, and a great mark to boot. I can actually see the value in that exercise now, although I didn’t originally. For [...]

DD-WRT Bridging for Dummies

With all my studying of late, I’ve been increasingly annoyed with the wireless coverage in our house. The Telus wireless Actiontec hardware must reside in the basement, because that device is what is required to address our home network with their ethernet connection. And of course, they’ve flashed their hardware with a proprietary version of [...]

What’s new?

Hey kids! Thanks for popping by! Things are chugging along here in This Chick’s Life – I’m in the middle of exam prep again… Good times. I was about a week late with my Capstone Course draft plan, so I’m freaking out a little. I had no idea it would be so extensive in what [...]

Tough Love

I found this excerpt on the forums I go to for support for hCG… I thought it was terribly insightful, and provided a lot of perspective. Maybe, if you are on hCG, or a diet that requires a lifestyle change, you will find it helpful, too? It’s For Your Own Good. Here comes the tough [...]

Finally seeing a difference

Good morning everyone! Thanks for popping by this fine Wednesday! I’ve had an absolutely on-protocol week and a half, other than a mistake that I made (which wasn’t necessarily off-protocol, but dumb, and caused a one day stall just the same)… On Family Day, going into my second week of low calorie diet, I was [...]

HCG Weightloss – Lessons and Overview

Good afternoon all! I hope this finds you having a terrific day! I thought I’d pop by and give a mid-week update on how my “take two – Round Two” hCG weightloss journey has gone so far, and provide some tips for those that may want to embark on the journey. I’ve been asked by [...]