#ToyotaLove – Right vehicle for your family’s needs?


Last week, I was invited to a Toyota blogger event at Canada Olympic Park (COP) – it was a #ToyotaLove themed morning, based on things you should consider when choosing a vehicle. Having recently bought a new vehicle myself (and a larger crossover to boot) I was impressed with the thought the organizers put into [...]

Quick, someone pass me a brown paper bag!

PFP path

Don’t mind me… I’m officially in a state of panic, thinking about all the exams I have coming up. At this point, there is zero room for bad results, as I need all three PFP designation courses behind me by October 23. (I can’t write my CFP exam Dec 1 unless I provide them passing [...]

It’s Apple launch day! Is it just me, or is it like Christmas morning?

Good morning kids! How are you this fine morning? Me? I’m excited! Today is Apple launch day, and for a tech geek like me, it’s just like Christmas morning!! My husband thinks I’m weird, and that’s okay. I own that… I’m from Vancouver, after-all – Where everyone will be breathlessly gathered around computer screens reading [...]

Friday afternoon DANCE PARTY!

Wooohooo!!! It’s Friday! Although it’s been a good week, with two of my workdays spent in a seminar (I love learning about stuff I’m passionate about), and a short work week to boot, it’s been a hectic week nonetheless. So, when four o’clock rolls around, and I’m stepping into a jam-packed Ctrain, I need tunes [...]

Ring, ring… is that a phone I hear?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about social connections – and how bad I’ve become at reaching out to people. I used to be the person that picked up the phone and called my friends just to see how they are doing, but these days, life seems to be crazy, and it’s a struggle even [...]

London Drugs has THE gadgets for back-to-school!


Hey folks! It’s back-to-school time, already! Don’t forget to enter in the contest at the bottom of this entry! So, it was timely that London Drugs asked me to feature some back-to-school technology, which is right up my alley as you know! When I told Barry what I was up to after work today, he [...]

Hey #YYC, I need to meet you!

Oh boy, I really don’t enjoy writing about unhappy stuff, but my blog is cathartic for me and this is where I get to share my joys, and my frustrations. I’ll admit, right off the top, I’m having a hard time with things right now – I’m feeling especially isolated these days, out in these-here [...]

Third time’s the charm? Fingers crossed!

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Mine was mostly spent studying… I’m finally writing my “Wealth Management Essentials” exam 2 (the last exam for this course) today. This is the third time I’ve been booked to write this case-study-based exam, but only the first (and hopefully only) time I am actually [...]