And… She’s back! (with big news)

Sorry for the radio silence, folks! I had hoped to be able to have many more updates for you, but… Here’s why: We just removed conditions on our new home earlier today! We move in THREE WEEKS! In just one short week, we’ve accomplished the following:

The big news… The next chapter begins!

This chick is moving… to Calgary! I gave my notice at work this morning, although the exact end date is still undetermined… it’s about a month off. Barry got a job offer with his previous employer, and it was a position that suited him perfectly. How could we not go? Calgary is a city that [...]

I haven’t forgotten about you guys…

I just don’t have internet at home until later tonight. (nor do I have all the wires unpacked, needed for my computer, either!) As most of you know, I just moved on Sunday, am quite sick with what appears to be the flu, and haven’t even STARTED unpacking yet. It’s true. And weird, and completely [...]

Cruisin' – Part 10

Hello from Ketchikan! The cruise is almost over… Tomorrow is the last day, and we’re ‘at sea’, on our way back to Vancouver. I’m having a fabulous time, and these past 2 weeks have been really amazing. But, I’m ready to come home now, and start my move… Yep! I move on Sunday! I still [...]

Adventures in packing and purging

On Friday I’m taking delivery of my moving crates, and for some weird reason, when I made the order yesterday for those, everything became very real. I’m actually moving. iron man divx 5 Card Stud divx pinay na maniac dna cream for acne Dorothy Mills full movie surviving the game movie Ash Wednesday dvd Deuce [...]

Considering an updated living situation.

.!. human dorman growth dr hormone beard rogaine growth Although I love Yaletown living and the building I’m in, I’ve been considering a move for a while — It’s no secret that I hate the white carpets in my current place, and the lack of a dining area as well. The white carpets, despite my [...]


This Friday couldn’t come soon enough for me, but not because I wanted to rush through the week… I have so much to do and I need all the time I can get at the moment. But, I’m tired. And, I really need to sleep in. I cannot believe tomorrow is my 20th high school [...]