Construction crazed

Damn. The cabinet installer could have installed the stuff this morning, but… there was no way I could deconstruct everything by myself before he got there — He didn’t have time to do both. And, of course, there was a hitch, too.

The demolition begins…

It’s been a hectic week in the NetChick household… Barry was in town for four days over the long weekend, and rather than simply gallivanting through the weekend together, we packed it full of renovation tasks. Okay, there was also gallivanting: Barry booked a private sailboat on Saturday night as a surprise to watch the [...]

Be GONE, ghetto kitchen!

I’m done. I can’t take it anymore… The kitchen is falling apart, and I have NO room for even my glasses. Ikea has a sale on, so I’m going to take advantage! Be gone, ghetto kitchen! Good riddance! I think I’m going to go with a color similar to this: Do you know someone who [...]


I’m. Almost. Better. Three weeks in, this damn cough is sure getting annoying though. Barry has been here for 3.5 days, and holy, have we gotten a ton accomplished in that short time frame! As always, he’s been an incredible help — I’m a typical useless girl when it comes to home wiring, upgrades, and [...]

I haven’t forgotten about you guys…

I just don’t have internet at home until later tonight. (nor do I have all the wires unpacked, needed for my computer, either!) As most of you know, I just moved on Sunday, am quite sick with what appears to be the flu, and haven’t even STARTED unpacking yet. It’s true. And weird, and completely [...]