I haven’t forgotten about you guys…

I just don’t have internet at home until later tonight. (nor do I have all the wires unpacked, needed for my computer, either!) As most of you know, I just moved on Sunday, am quite sick with what appears to be the flu, and haven’t even STARTED unpacking yet. It’s true. And weird, and completely [...]

Confessions of a single chick

Okay everyone… It’s time for me to get real with y’all. I’m *hating* this singlehood thing. The novelty has long since worn off. What once was ‘fun’, ‘free’ and ‘frivolity’, no longer comes close to feeling that way. My main barometer? My friends. They are so incredibly patient with all my whining, whinging, “oh woes [...]

The best dating advice to date:

I was whining to a friend about the fact that my dating situation could be better. His answer? “Well… you could play World of Warcraft. A Murder Is Announced movie Murder.com hd ” Thanks for that. Wobble: The Weight of the Truth rip Cromwell dvd Jericho Mansions movie download The Desert Rats move The Thin [...]

Tomfoolery, sporks, and restraint.

Today was a great day. Or at least, part of it was. In fact, I was so proud of the fact that I was able to use great restraint when I felt the urge to hunt and gather a ‘spork’ and gouge out both eyes during an incredibly frustrating couple of hours this morning. Great [...]

Forget Christmas spirit, I’ll settle for a positive attitude.

I am having one of those months again. Yep, not “day”, but “month”. It’s the 15th of December, and the cockles of my heart aren’t so warm. Each morning, I find myself waking to a bad attitude. It feels like the sole purpose for my life right now is to do a good job at [...]

Yet another bad date drama.

So, this chick is doing “speed dating” tonight… Now, I’ve just got to get my head around it, and put myself in a better frame of mind about dating. Because… Drum roll please: You guessed it. I had another gong-show date a few weeks ago. Get this: I’d been speaking with a guy for a [...]

My post-vacation wrap-up:

I can’t believe that I have to go back to work tomorrow… This vacation just didn’t feel long enough. That’s not to say that I didn’t miss the office, because, strangely enough, I did. I guess I’m weird that way. The thought of what I’m going back to, after we let someone go right before [...]

Don't you hate it when…

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up feeling annoyed? That’s me, today. Stupid little things that people around me have done (some really insignificant, but still add up) are driving me to complete frustration. It’s not really their fault — They don’t know that four other people in the course of a day [...]